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Odontology-Dental Research.

Image Odontology-Dental Research. Lichen Planus is a chronic, autoimmune, inflammatory, and dermatological disease mediated by T-lymphocytes of unknown aetiology affecting the stratified squamous epithelium. World Health Organization reports a high prevalence of OLP, and considers it an injury with potential for malignization, requiring close and rigorous attention. Preferably, the regions of the oral mucosa and skin are the most involved, although it may affect lo... Read More


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Celebration on 10th Anniversary of Dentistry

Image Dentistry (ISSN: 2161-1122) is scheduled to celebrate its 10th anniversary in the year 2020. The journal is devoted to convey and spread to its researchers around the world, the latest knowledge in relation to Dentistry and in particular their Advances in Dental Techniques and Medicine, Dental Education, and Dental Health. The Journal has successfully released several issues of peer-reviewed articles collated from wide geographic locations across the world since its commencement in the year 2011, in addition to several special issues and International conference proceedings... Read More